5:11 am - Friday April 26, 2019

Adhar Card Application Format For NDMC Students


1. Download the word file and pdf versions now:-

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Now you can print the ADHAR CARD application on A4 Size School letter head directly.

आधार कार्ड की application को सीधे लेटर हेड पर प्रिंट करें !

The email was sent to us on 07-09-2016 by D.D.E. madam.

Changes made to email for easy use:

1. Size changed from Legal to A4 Size.

2. Picture paste box made slightly bigger.

3. Proper space allocated from top to be adjusted properly to letter head of school.


1. Print once on original letterhead and take multiple photocopies to be used in school.

2. Mail contains word and pdf file for personal use.


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