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Best ICO of November 2017 Ucoin Cash is Digital Cash

Ucoin Cash team is making a high-level plan to achieve one or more goals under any circumstances, which ensures the outcome is achievable – and reasonable. The overall mission should be aggressive and it should mean something significant to everyone involved. Everyday we have received thousands of emails and feedbacks expressing interest as well as their skepticism about Ucoin Cash. The number of member registration being updated today is over 46,534 and is expected to exceed over 100,000 members on ICO day, which triggers worry about the pressure caused by the traffic overload that might place on Ucoin Cash server on ICO day . There is no question that investors have been exuberant about Ucoin Cash, and even many legendary hedge fund investors emailed us suggesting proposal for solving related issues that might occur on our upcoming ICO day. All things considered, our founders and advisory board have found a viable means of relaxing this pressure when our website is experiencing a surge in visitors on ICO day.

So many people wonders whether Ucoin Cash team can regulate and adjust this pressure or not? The answer is definitely yes. We can manage to bring this pressure under control by the following measures:

• The maximum purchase amount would be informed each time that Ucoin Cash ICO day is set to take place via email.

• Ucoin Cash would require a maximum purchase amount of UCH for each account. And this would be updated latter

• Ucoin Cash allows members to deposit and withdraw BTC or ETH any time you desire. We will never interfere in your transaction.

Where is Ucoin Cash from?

Our development team, managers and consultants come from several countries, mainly from the US, many from Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore. We all together do our best to offer UCH users with highly advanced solution for money transaction and user-friendly apps.

It would be more important to update latest information from us via your email.

Can we meet founders and advisory board of Ucoin Cash?

Our development team, managers and consultants come from several countries, mainly from the US, many from Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore. We all together do our best to offer UCH users highly advanced solution for money transaction and user-friendly apps

We will publish the team members as well as other information about the company and the project at the appropriate time. Your trust in our project is highly appreciated, and you can be rest assured that Ucoin Cash has become a number of seasoned investors’ choice.


Would Ucoin Cash give financial support for leaders of UCH in each country?

Ucoin Cash have been established with a long term vision and objective desiring to build a good reputation in digital cash field. We hope that all UCH users and investors would convey an accurate, honest messages while building referrals and earning commissions with UCH.

We believe that  individuals who trust and invest in UCH would gain a long term profit. You had better do right from the very beginning with Ucoin Cash to be successful with UCH by delivering trustworthy and accurate information to potential down-lines.

We are looking for national leaders and multi-national leaders for Ucoin Cash project. We are always willing to assist you: training information, marketing campaign, promotion campaign, events sponsorship.

What is the exact date and time of ICO?

ICO time: November 15 2017, 11 am – New York time (GMT – 4).

On our website, we provide you with a countdown timer. You should see the seconds tick down to ICO day, and when it counts down to 0, you can start buying token UCH.

How to buy UCH on ICO day?

There are 3 steps that you should follow to buy UCH on ICO day: November 15th 2017

  • Step 1: Register for mebership at Ucoincash.co
  • Step 2: Deposit BTC or ETH into your Wallet on Ucoincash.com
  • Step 3: Find ICO on Ucoincash.co, click ICO then buy UCH

Is UCH token limited on ICO day?

The quantity is limited for each purchase

So you should get ready any time so that you could buy as much as you desire

The quantity of each purchase will be announced prior to each sale, so you need to check your email or visit the website so that you could update the latest information.

What is 5% referal bonus of ICO?

Whether you can or cannot buy UCH during ICO time, you can be rest assured that you will still be able to earn 5% bonus under any circumstances. Let me specify for you by this example: A cannot buy UCH on ICO day, however A refer B, C or D to UCH, as long as B, C or D buy UCH, A is sure to get 5% bonus over the value of UCH that B, C or D buy in total

What about the price of UCH after ICO?

The price of UCH is determined by the supply and demand of the market, not like several existing digital cash, the price is determined by the owner, we guarantee that UCH price will be determined by the market. As we strongly believe that with a long term vision and a professional system of Ucoin Cash project, the price of UCH itself will increase by more than ten times after ICO and much more in the near future.

You can be rest assured that no one but the market will determine the price of UCH, and what we do will gain the trust of community to use UCH, thereby the price will increase as a result.

Where to trade, buy and sell UCH after ICO?

You can buy UCH only on ICO day: November 15 2017, after ICO program has ended you can buy or sell UCH on UCH exchange and other exchanges that we will list for you latter.

Can we deposit/withdraw BTC/ETC on poloniex, bitfinex…?

You can deposit and withdraw BTC or ETH whenever you desire. You can use MyEtherwallet or any other exchange that convenient for you.

How can we trust in Ucoin Cash?

We make our commitment in everything we do, our website, our logo, our marketing campaign, our roadmap, our strategy… We believe that everything we do can satisfy many people. Actions speak louder than words, therefore we will always do our best so that UCH would so far beyond our members’ expectations

upport information?

You can visit our website for more details. All the information related to ICO, lending program, Roadmap and other essential information is fully updated on our website.


Feel free to contact us by email at anytime if you require any further information.

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