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Earn Like Mutual Funds of Cryptocurrency World


What is BitConnect ?

Ø A Self Regulated Financial System​

Ø Open Source Platform

Ø Cryptocurrency Education

Ø Bitcoin & Crypto Community

Ø Multiple Investment Opportunities

Ø Bitcoin News & PR Services

BitConnect Investment Oportunities

  1. BitConnect Lending : Earn Daily interest on BitConnect Lending.
  2. BitConnect Staking :  Earn interest on holding BitConnect Coin.
  3. BitConnect Trading :  Earn Profit with BitConnect Coin Trading.
  4. BitConnect Mining : Earn with BitConnect Coin Mining.

BitConnect Coin Lending Interest

BitConnect Coin Trading

  1. Deposit BitCoin :  Deposit your BitCoin on given bitcoin deposit address.
  2. Buy BitConnect Coin : Buy BitConnect Coin from BCC exchange.
  3. Trading : Buy & Sell BitConnect Coin from BCC exchange.
  4. Trading Profit : You can buy BCC at a lower price and selling them at higher price.

BitConnect Coin Mining

  1.  Hardware :  Bitconnect coin can be mined With CPU/GPU.
  2.  Download Miner :  Download miner for mining Bitconnect Coin.
  3.  BitConnect Mining : Start Bitconnect Mining (Solo mining & Pool mining).
  4.  Earn Reward : you will get reward to mine (PoW) Block and earn new Bitconnect Coin.

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