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Get Your Credit Score and Online Analysis Free

How does the Credit Health Check help?
Past loan issues – we help identify the issue and resolve it.
Good credit history – we assist in reducing existing EMI costs.
First time borrowers – we help in Credit Score and profile building.

For all users, we search hard for loan offers form lenders and help you choose the most competitive one.

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We’re Here To Help You Understand Credit

1. What is a good credit score in India?

2. What is the difference between CIBIL score and Equifax score?

3. How can I check my credit score? Can I check my CIBIL score online?

4. What is the difference between Free Credit Score and Free Credit Ratings?

5. Will clearing my dues on old loans and credit cards improve my CIBIL score?

6. Credit Score and Report – Online analysis and assessment

7. What is the difference between credit report provided by bank and CreditMantri analysis?

8. Applying for a loan or credit card – why is checking credit score good?


Have a great day! – CreditMantri team

The goal of our Free Credit Health Check is assess your Credit Worthiness and help you:

  1. 1. Become Credit healthy
  2. 2. Save on EMI costs
  3. 3. Help you find credit products which are best suited for you

As part of this service, here is what CreditMantri will do:

Get your Credit report – You can choose to upload the CIBIL credit report you have with you or request for a Equifax report online for Free

Provide an online analysis of your credit report

Provide specific actionables to :

  • Improve your Credit Score and History
  • Discover loans and credit cards suited for your credit profile
  • Reduce EMI and borrowing costs

As part of our Credit Improvement services, our primary intent is to evaluate your current financial health, provide you with a detailed plan on how to improve your credit score and make you “loan worthy” within a reasonable period of time. We offer the below services that will help you achieve financial freedom.

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