7:31 pm - Tuesday March 26, 2019

Purchase 1World Tokens and Become Part of Our Success

Purchase 1World Tokens and become part of our Success!

First media coins to circulate between publishers, their audiences and advertisers + researchers!

What is 1World?

1World’s Interactive Platform lets publishers and brands hear consumers’ voices through interaction and engagement tools including in-context Polls, Quizzes, Debates, Trivia, Insights, and Interactive Maps, and offers embedded advertising, commercial data collection, and state-of-the art analytics. Today more than 2000 sites / publishers use our platform, and up to 1.5M people participate every month.

1WO tokens

You are able to buy 1WO Tokens using BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, ZEC, or USD (wire transfer for any amount over $100).

The calculator is provided for your convenience. You can enter a number of 1WO Tokens you wish to buy and calculate the amount you would need to have in your account wallets.

Please note that transfer of funds to your account wallets does not constitute a purchase of the 1WO Tokens. After the funds are deposited, you would need to complete Step 3 to purchase the required number of 1WO tokens with the deposited funds.

If you are purchasing 1WO Tokens with any currency other than BTC, please note that price of 1WO Tokens would be calculated at the time of actual purchase of the 1WO Tokens and not at the time of transfer of the funds to your account wallets.

Please note that your funds will appear in your account wallets only after a transaction gets 6 confirmations for any transfers of cryptocurrencies and within 24 hours after the funds are received in the bank account for the transfers made by a bank wire.

Please note that deposit of funds is not a purchase of 1WO tokens. You need to complete Step 3 and purchase the required number of tokens with the deposited funds.


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