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The Real Reason Behind Less Admissions in MCD Schools


The Real Reason Behind Less Admissions in MCD Schools

I would not start by saying that Principals, School Inspectors, A.D.E or D.D.E are blaming teachers for falling admissions year by year in MCD Schools. It would not be fair on my part and I don’t want such fake attention. To be very honest what I am writing here today, hold a part of knowledge grasped from seniors in my department. From Principal to D.D.E, all are aware of facts but can’t do much to help us.

So, this year in 2015-2016 being admission Incharge in my NDMC school, I had below 200 admissions. And the number is falling year by year, session by session. Why? Are we missing something like- facilities in schools or inappropriate teaching process or government policies or etc. Etc. Etc. But What? What’s the real story behind it.

I would like to draw everyone’s attention towards few important factors, that might be the reason behind less admissions.

  1. EWS Quota in Private Schools.

Earlier, either the private schools were not seriously taking admissions or parents were not that much aware about it, but now everyone want to give at least a try to it every year passing by. So, let’s imagine 2-3 private schools in every MCD school neighbourhood with 120 seats every year. It makes sense that our 30 students moving towards EWS quota in private schools. So if I had 178 admissions this year, I might have tossed at least 208 admissions. But, thanks to EWS quota, I missed my target.

  1. GNCT Schools Started Nursery and Primary classes.

Secondary and Senior Secondary schools used have classes VI and onwards. But, in recent years we saw a major change in their policy and they have introduced Nursery, as well as Classes I-V. Another thanks to GNCT schools for fishing at least 50 students of every MCD school in a session. If things were same I might have reached 258 admissions without hurdles.

  1. All States Making Progress.

This can be another major point hindering admissions in MCD schools. Earlier we used to see huge migration from other states to Delhi. But special thanks to Govt. Of India(maybe, I am not sure) for removing atleast 10% industries and other workers from Delhi. Obviously, with decrease in lower income group population, we have less admissions to MCD Schools. Also, other states are making progress at good pace and people are happy in their respective states and don’t want to come to Delhi now. Wow! Sounds good. But, Hey! I think i have missed atleast 10 students in my MCD school only. Else, I would have touched 268 Mark by now.

  1. We 2 Our 2.

It’s good actually that people started understanding benefits of slogan “Hum 2 Hamare 2”. Even people from lower Income group or slums or any other clan, started following this parameter in life. Policy is good for Whole country and maybe in its progress also. But, Hey! This family planning ditched me of 2 more admissions. Otherwise I might have penned down 270 admissions.

  1. Small and Unrecognised Schools in Neighbourhood.

God knows who grant permission to few people running local primary schools with 2 rooms and open drains in front of them. May be politicians, bureaucrats or N.G.O’s after all this nexus or rat hole type schools. But they hit us hard with at least to at least 30 admissions of each MCD school, every year. Gosh! I can touch 300 admission mark.

  1. Evening Shift System.

In the past few years I, myself saw division of MCD schools in Girls and Boys shift. With girls in morning shift and boys in evening shifts. I have noticed myself that with evening shift, parents and even boy student take less interest in studies. Most of the parents of our students are daily wage earners or workers. They leave their homes by 9:30am or 10 am maximum and there is less watch and pressure on boys to go to school. And I not only hamper admission but boost school drop outs. So at least 2 admissions I missed this year because parents can’t find time to bring boys in evening shift. Oh! My 302 mark is waiting for me.

  1. Girl and Boy Discrimination.

Another serious concern is that the present generation of parents says that we studied in Govt. Schools in our times and at least we want our Son to go to private schools, however small it may be. But, What about girls? Are they born to Aliens and not to present set of parents. So it can be like this that girls getting admission at same pace in morning shifts but at least I missed 15 boys this year in evening shift. Ah! 317 admissions…….

There can be many other reasons behind this drastic fall of admissions in MCD schools. But, I think there are the major and serious ones. We as teachers are working very hard and year by years adapting new forms of teaching.

First I did not take this matter seriously. And why should I even think about it? I am getting nearly 50K and would be getting 70K soon and may be 200K by retirement. But, it’s not only related to me but to jobs in teaching in coming years. With no students in schools, there would be no jobs for teachers.

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