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Top Documentary Films 05 June 2016 Watch and Download

Day of the Asteroid
Day of the Asteroid Hollywood movies have long thrilled in showing us the catastrophic aftermath of an asteroid making direct impact with our planet. As explored in the compelling documentary Day of the Asteroid, this possibility is far from manufactured fantasy. Our planet has played host to…

Used and Betrayed
Used and Betrayed The neglect and abuse of American military veterans is well-known. Unnecessary conflicts, multiple deployments, and sluggish medical care have inflicted irreparable damage upon millions of the country’s finest men and women. But the atrocities don’t stop there. As explored in the new documentary…

Locked Off
Locked Off A co-production of VICE News, Locked Off investigates the rave party scene in the United Kingdom, its evolution since the 1980s, and its chances of survival in the coming years in the face of constrictive government regulations. Fearful over increased drug abuse and…

Fallen Angels
Fallen Angels The children stare at the camera and address a father figure they’re never likely to meet. These are the orphaned children who populate the city of Angeles in the Philippines, and their stories are told in the new documentary Fallen Angels produced by…


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