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Top Documentary Films 06 June 2016 Watch and Download

Cyberjihad Terrorist groups like ISIS are embracing a bold new weapon that has the power to produce greater carnage and influence than traditional guns and bombs. Extremists are now sharing their messages of hate and violence by taking advantage of our increasingly interconnected world….

Disobedience The future of the planet is under attack. In just the past few years, we’ve witnessed unprecedented waves of brutal storms, massive oil spills engulfing our oceans and sea life, and the hottest temperatures ever recorded in human history. Climate change is real,…

What’s In My Baggie?
What's In My Baggie? Over the course of two months, five friends travelled 12,000 miles with their cameras in hand. Their mission? Expose the spread of unregulated and misrepresented drugs and research chemicals, and to shine a spotlight on a hugely inept national drug policy. What’s in…

The Breakthrough in Renewable Energy
The Breakthrough in Renewable Energy Clean energy is becoming less exotic and more practical than ever before thanks to the efforts of a few key countries. Collectively, they’re greasing the wheels for a worldwide revolution. The Breakthrough in Renewable Energy, a new documentary produced by the acclaimed VPRO…

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