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Visit 59 Countries without Visa with Indian Passport


Visit 59 Countries without Visa with Indian Passport

The most stressful thing for most Indians planning to travel abroad is not the price of the ticket, but securing a visa. Majority of countries around the world require Indians to obtain visa prior to traveling. But there are 59 nations that do not want Indians to worry about Visa.

What’s the first thing you do when you plan a vacation? Book tickets? Ask family and friends for tips? It is go to the Visa page and check out the Visa procedure. Be it for a simple 10-day vacation or a one-month long sojourn, the first thing that crosses an Indian’s mind as soon as he/she thinks of vacation is the Visa hassle. Crazy procedures, long wait and intense question-answer sessions –  The Indian hates the Visa procedure. And there are some countries in the world which don’t even have a procedure for Indians and are clueless when it comes to issuing a visa to Indians, namely, Ukraine!

So then, when news like this: that there are 59 countries in the world where Indians can travel without a visa, send us up dancing, we can’t be blamed! Yes, that’s right. There are 59 amazing countries in the world that Indians can visit sans a visa. Let is alter that a bit. These are the countries Indians can visit without any prior visa. Please note that some of these do require an on-arrival or e-Visa. Take a look at the countries below:


1. Bahrain – eVisa

2. Bhutan – No Visa

3. Bolivia – Visa on Arrival

4. Cambodia – Visa on Arrival

5. Cape Verde – Visa on Arrival

6. Comoros -Visa on Arrival

5. Cote d’Ivoire – eVisa

6. Djibouti – Visa on Arrival

7. Dominica – No Visa

8. Eucador – No Visa

9. El Salvador – No Visa

10. Ethiopia – Visa on Arrival

11. Fiji – No Visa

12. Gabon – eVisa

13. Georgia – eVisa

14. Grenada – No Visa

15. Guinea-Bissau – Visa on Arrival

16. Guyana – Visa on Arrival

17. Haiti – No Visa

18. Indonesia – Visa on Arrival

19. Jamaica – No Visa

20. Jordan – Visa on Arrival

21. Kenya – eVisa

22. Laos – Visa on Arrival

23. Madagascar – Visa on Arrival

24. Maldives – Visa on Arrival

25.  Mauritania – Visa on Arrival

26. Mauritius – No Visa

27.  Micronesia – No Visa

28. Moldova – eVisa

29. Myanmar – eVisa

30. Nepal – No Visa

31. Palau – Visa on Arrival

32. Rwanda – eVisa

33. Saint Kitts and Nevis – No Visa

34. Saint Lucia – Visa on Arrival

35. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – No Visa

36. Samoa – Permit on Arrival

37. São Tomé and Príncipe – eVisa

38. Senegal – Visa on Arrival

39. Seychelles – Visa on Arrival

40. Somalia – Visa on Arrival

41. Sri Lanka – No Visa but special permit required

42.  Tanzania – Visa on Arrival

43. Thailand – Visa on Arrival

44. Togo – Visa on Arrival

45. Timor-Leste – Visa on Arrival

46. Trinidad and Tobago – No Visa

47. Tuvalu – Visa on Arrival

48. Uganda – Visa on Arrival

49. Vanuatu – No Visa

50. Zambia – eVisa

51. Zimbabwe – eVisa

52. Bhutan – No Visa

53. Hong Kong – No Visa

54. Antartica -Visa on Arrival

55. South Korea – No Visa

56. FYRO Macedonia – No Visa

57. Svalbard – No Visa

58. Montserrat – No Visa

59. Turks & Caicos Islands – No Visa

There are a few other disputed islands and regions which do not require a visa or have visa on arrival facilities too!

The list compiled by Arton Capital under Passport Index tells us that India comes 59th on the list of all the countries.

*** Compiled from internet source. Check genuineness from Indian Government office related to VISA.

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