5:36 am - Friday April 26, 2019

Xberts Tech Insider Reward Program Keep Products You Review

Perks of Tech Insider

Tech Enthusiast
Xberts newsletter on latest trialsAn APPLE badge in your profile page

Tech Influencer
Early preview of tech gadgets before they releaseA STAR badge in your profile page

Tech Geek
A TROPHY badge in your profile page3 members with the highest points will be invited to attend CES 2018
** Moreover, You Can Instantly Redeem Amazing Gifts with Your Points!
Is Xberts Legitimate?
Xberts is a YC-funded company that aims to create a community where tech geeks can share their favorite products, we also give out free or discounted samples in order to collect authentic reviews for both manufacturers and customers. That way, the manufacturers can make improvements on their product and our users can make wise purchasing decision.
Is there a daily limit on the points I can win per day?
The maximum points you can get each day is 100 points.
Will these gifts be changed?
We will update the free gifts every month, so you can have more options on what to redeem!
What kind of product sharing/review will be featured?
We do prefer creative contents and self-made videos. As long as you take your time to write a quality product sharing/review, we’d love to reward you with more bonus points!
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